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Shootsilonians: Putok na May Usok 2024

Will be held at The Range 702 LV Nevada on June 1st 10:00 to 11:30 am.

You can check out their website at

We will be shooting a semi-automatic rifle, 9 mm Glock or XDM hand gun. One firearm per participant.  We are availing basically the One and Done deal at the Range 702 priced at $64.95 plus tax per person.


You can choose which rifle or handgun you would want to fire/use for the competition.  Again please visit their website for a list of the rifles you can choose from ( example M4, MP5, etc.).


20 rounds each:  10 rounds for practice then another  10 rounds for competition with a new target.  The target will be 25 yards away for rifle and 30 feet for handgun and each shooter will be TIMED.


Participants will take turns and scores will be tallied.


There will also be an Orientation Session for new or beginner shooters before we head out to The Range.  Expert shooters are also welcome.  Time and date TBD.


The First  place winner will get to shoot the Stimulus  Package, a $134.95 shooting experience that includes M4 (20 rounds), MP5 (20 rounds), Glock 17 (10 rounds).  *All guns subject to availability.  This award will be donated by  Batch 75.  Thank you Batch 75 for your sponsorship.


There will be trophies bestowed to the first, second and third place.  “ Putok na May Usok “ Upsilon reunion 2024.  Trophies will be donated by Batch 82.  This will serve as an incentive and bragging rights for the winners in our first ever shooting competition in USPNA.


We had listed 15 number of Brods to hypothetically be joining the competition.  Hope that at least we can get to this number of registrants or much more.


We will be reserving the VIP suite in the proposal so we can have privacy, confidentiality, our own Hostess, and Range Safety Officer(s), for an additional $50 plus tax per person.


To join the shoot fest “Putok na May Usok” Shootsilonians, registration fee is $145 per person that will cover fees inclusive of other incidental costs.  Registration open until April 15, 2024.


If you have any questions you can direct this in the forum part of our website.


Again the sooner the Brods pledge their participation and registering will greatly help the Reunion Team to plan accordingly and guarantee the success of this event.




With Best Fraternal Greetings and for The Greater Good of Oneness,


Zoe Viray 75

Aman Sese 82



1.  Arnel Tan '91

2.  Aman Sese '82

3.  Karlo Arriola '91

4.  Amador Astudillo '79

5.  Nelson Dimaano '86

6.  Abner Atienza '82

7.  Angel Fandalian '60

8.  Johnson Apacible '82

9.  Gary Angeles '77

10. Zoe Viray '75

11. Bill Romero '76

12. Thed Tesoro '97

13. Marlon Ilagan '86

14. Lew Montejo '80
15. Dindo Sanchez '84

16. Emil Liwanag '96

17. Emer Coronel '78

18. Vic Limson '83

19. Jose Bustamante '82


Requirements to shoot

1. Sober; Alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.  Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused the use of the range.

2. Must not be pregnant.

3. Must be mentally stable.

4. Minors must be at least 10 years of age to shoot, minors under the age of 18, must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

5. Must have valid/government approved ID/ passport with you on the day of shooting.

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